3D Origami | A Quick Intro

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Hey guys,

Ok so I know most of you know what origami is! The art of folding paper. But maybe you used to do some origami when you were in elementary school. Today I'm going to talk to you guys to something completely new. 

I have loved origami for ever since I can remember. Making flowers, cranes, etc. But one day, when I was on my last days of elementary school, I discovered something. As i was searchjng for more Origami inspiration, some more "advanced" models to make, I stumbled upon "3D Origami" on YouTube. 
This is a kind of origami that falls under the "modular" family. Modular origami is origami models that take many "modules", or pieces, to make a more complex model. Like these below found on Google. 
Then there is "3D Origami" which involves folding little rectangle pieces of paper, into triangle "modules" or pieces. 
When you have enough (a lot!) you can start assembling. You just insert pockets into points. And you end up with something that looks a little like this. 

I wanted to show you guys what amazing things you can do. I was hooked when I first saw this on YouTube. It is art that takes a lot of time an patience, but the end result is very beautiful. 
If any of you 3d Origami-ers stumbled upon my blog by accident I will be posting a pattern on how to make 3D Origami Stork. I came up with it for a baby shower! And also, feel free to stay for another kind of craft!

Now for some eye candy for my fellow 3D Origami-ers! Many models that I have either sold or given away were gone before I took a photo! That makes me sad, but the ones that did make it to the photo shoot, here they are!

First of all: My very first swan! Yes, back in the days with only a camera phone, this photo was taken. And it is just full of memories! My love for Chinatown here in Chicago. That's where I got the kit to make this one! My love for that sponge!! Ahh! I miss those days with now adult stress involved!

This one I know went to Florida! Some nice folks that were visiting Chicago, came where I used to work and loved it! 

and the classic! Hello Kitty! I need to make one of these for me. The one in the photo was a gift!

and to wish you all a Happy Easter! This cute bunny was sent out on a swap! (Please Ignore my old watermark, it was a phase!)

Purple Penguin! It was a gift!

My husband's aunt just loved this so much that I couldn't not let her have it! Isn't it beautiful?
She even asked me to make 50 of these for a Cotillion! I should probably get started on that!

Until next time! 

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