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8:24 AM

Hello! I'm so happy that you have stopped by!
Today I am sharing my version of the very cute paper purses made with one 12X12 paper. These are cute for anything from gift giving to just sending some happy mail in.

I first saw these on the Cricut Facebook group. Then I looked up a tutorial and landed upon MayMay Made It's tutorial on youtube. It was easy but I wasn't sold on how the purse looked. I didn't really like the front flap being raised more than the side flaps. So I decided to change up the dimmensions to make it fit my liking. I also wanted it to look more like a real purse so I browsed Pinterest and picked what I liked from the paper purses. 

My paper purse features a flap closure with a belt buckle. 
It also has pockets on the side;
 and a pocket on the back. 
To make it more realistic I added some hand stitching. 

So check out the video tutorial to see how I did it!

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